"for when you need this"

by Granite to Glass

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released March 10, 2017



all rights reserved


Granite to Glass Lowell, Massachusetts

Granite to Glass plays acoustic songs with orchestral arrangements.

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Track Name: Intro
The other night dear, as I lay sleeping, I dreamed I help you in my arms. When I awoke dear, I was mistaken, and I hung my head and cried.

You're are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, how much I love you; so please don't take my sunshine away.
Track Name: I Want to Live
I want to live; where I go, you are; you are my fate.
Track Name: Paradise
Green forever, and I'll be with you; green forever, and I won't miss you.
Track Name: From the Depths, I Call Out to You
From the depths, I call out to you.
Track Name: With Every Rainfall
I can almost hear you when the rain falls. Whispers of our conversations echo throughout time. They return with every rainfall.
Track Name: "for when you need this"
There are good places
where your mind can go
and there are parks where
little gardens grow

there are people and places
that will help you feel better

there's more than
one way
in which a heart can mend
and bravery can be the days
when you leave your bed

and strength can be the times
when you say what's in your head

if you feel scared to be alone
and like Hell is now your home
just give me your address
and I'll write you letters

if Hell is now your home
know that it is not
Track Name: As a Leaf Would, Toward the Sun
Turn to me, I'll do my best to light the way.
Turn to me, as a leaf would toward the sun.
Track Name: Flight of the Mayflies
The ground is moving fast towards our shadows cast, we'll leave the sun behind. Whispers leave our lips, echoed off of cliffs, we'll start a landslide.

We are the wind.

Time has ceased to flow. We view all as whole. All is, and all has been.

We are unstuck.

There's no need for sex. There's no need for love. All are already connected.

We are as one. We will be as one.
Track Name: Immerse Me in the Allness of the Universe
Unless hindered from doing so, energy will always disperse. It cannot be created, or destroyed, it just simply exists. Ultimately, you and I are a part of the same mass. Death is not the end at all, we'll be together again.

Immerse me.

I like to view time as a whole, rather than a constant flow. We have already existed, we will always continue to live. From the perspective of the universe, all has always been one. We are cursed to live our lives with a human perspective of time.

Immerse me.

At the brink of eternity, nothing can disappear. The vision of your hope extends beyond my deepest fears. Death is not the final state of life, this is not the end. We've extended to the deepest reaches of the universe.

Immerse me in the allness of the universe.
Track Name: Without a Sound
I feel at peace to be a part of this silence in a world that will not cease to speak. Here with you, I've found, that when they get too loud, we'll drown them out without a sound.

You're at my side on a silent winter evening. There's nowhere that I would rather be. Though the memory has moved on, I imagine it's not gone. I can return through dokha.

So I nod off in a hope to be with you, in a vision that I'm not sure is true. You're in my arms on New Year's, your visage is so clear, that your lips seem about to move.

Now I've returned to a new kind of silence. One in wake of peaceful memories. In this silence and through, I will remain true: I'll spread this light of love for you.

But I can't sit and ferment in this silence. I've justified as much as I could. Though you're deep within my chest, it may be for the best, if I let go. So, I'll let go.